New to Vaping? Me too!


About a month ago, I was working at a local flea market and was convinced that vaping was something that my husband and I should strongly consider. After finding out that we could get us both started for the cost of the average carton of cigarettes, we relented and got a starter kit – a KangerTech EVOD and tank. After just a few days, we were certain we made the right choice. In this first month, we have learned several things that are making our experience better and improving the life of our equipment.

  • First of all, be sure that you are using a nicotine level that works for you. If you are a light smoker like me who only smokes two or three cigarettes in a day, then a 6-mg liquid will be your best choice, but if you are a pack-a-day smoker, then an 18 or 24 mg liquid will work out better. If you know what level you need, your next decision is what flavor fluid to get. Don’t trust the flavor name or what the sales rep says; be sure to visit somewhere that you can taste-test the flavors first. The testing fluids will contain no nicotine, so you’ll get a pure taste for the flavor.
  • The next thing to consider is whether to get a disposable tank or a rebuildable. For long term costs, the rebuildable option is the most desirable, but if you are trying a new flavor, you may want to pick up a disposable for short-term use if you want to keep the flavors from mixing together in your normal tank. All together, you will spend between $25 and $40 on your first setup, including the battery, tank, and liquid. A bottle of liquid generally is between 10 and 30 ml, and 10 ml will last about a week for the average user. As I stated earlier, this is still less than the cost of a carton of traditional cigarettes – not bad to start a habit that is enjoyable and less dangerous than most.

You can assemble your vaping starter kit on your own or choose an all-in-one branded solution. For a hassle-free vaping experience try KangerTech EVOD Starter Kit.

Once you have your starter kit, the only recurring costs you will have are for the coils for the rebuildable tank or new disposable tanks about once a month, and the bottles of liquid as you use them up. Once you have decided that you will continue vaping on a long-term basis, you may desire to upgrade your tank and battery pack for a higher capacity unit. This is not necessary, but many users find it to be a natural progression to maintain the habit for years to come.